Dmitri Vladimirovitch Bourkov
(Born 12.04.1960, Russia)
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In 80s we developed and port Unix systems inside Eastern block countries. We started to build Network behind the Iron Wall. Our Soviet Union Unix Group became part of EUUG - future base of Eunet. Internet helped us to break historical barriers between two parts of Europe. It was a great chance for us to start network together with Europe. It was a project based on individuals and joined us in Pan-European community.

I believe that openness, selfregulation, down-top principles are key factors that provide fast growth of the Net. It is very important to keep safe this unique experience that we have now on the Internet. Next stage of Internet development will be complex and interesting. Network will become multilingual, multicultural. It will be a challenge for us to enjoy this new phenomenon and don't lose our achievements.

For me, as father of four daughters, Internet is not only my professional and social life. It is part of internal family relations and communications ( two daughters live in US now). Network helps us live together on different continents.