Dmitri Vladimirovitch Bourkov
(Born 12.04.1960, Russia)
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20 years of communication experience;
9 years of management experience in data communications;
extensive knowledge of most protocols used on the Internet and many other communications systems;
experience designing complex real-time networked systems;
experience designing computer simulation system;
experience designing complex billing systems;
frequent public speaker.
2001 - present timeOJSC "Rostelecom" - CEO Adviser on New Technologies (
1998 - 2001OJSC "Rostelecom" (
Head of Internet and ATM Technologies Department - development of Rostelecom-Internet services, datacom, VPN, etc
Technical Director of RTK-Internet Ltd (up to Jan 2000).
Development Director of RTCOMM.RU Ltd (from March 2000 up to Jul 2001).
1996 - 1998Comstar Ltd. (
Head of Service Development Department - development of datacom services, ISDN, Internet access.
1992 - 1996JSC "Relcom" (
Member of Board of Directors, JSC Relcom (1994-1996);
Member of Executive Board of JSC Relcom (EUnet group 1992-1996) and responsible for:
  • network design and architecture;
  • development, new technologies;
  • network topology;
  • products;
  • principal technical decisions in large projects;
  • distribution channels;
  • national and international coordination(EUnet, RIPE, etc).
  • 1983 - 1994St.Petersburg Institute for Informatics, Russian Academy of Sciences
    Research fellow at the Laboratory of Network Technologies/Microsystems:
  • design, coordination, support RELCOM network;
  • the development of multicomputer real-time system for research automatization;
  • porting Unix to different Soviet-made computers;
  • the development of real-time executive with supplemental tools and utilities;
  • the development of cross-development system.
    1978 - 1983In 1983 graduated from Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute, Department of Automatics and Computer Technics with M.S. degree in systemotechnics. Major area: Cross-development systems, Network Simulation.
    1988USSR Council of Ministries Award for works on unified operating system(Demos), 1988, April;
    1995has been recognized by a vote of peers as one of the Top 100 Most Professional People in the Russian computer industry;
    1996has been recognized as one of the TOP-PROFI-96.
    1998has been recognized as one of the TOP-PROFI-98.
    PRIOR and other professional experience:
    1988 - 1992cofounder of Demos cooperative(demos/*), 1992 leave Demos;
    1990 - 1995cofounder and member of So˝iety of Unix systems User Groups Governing Board;
    1992 - 1994cofounder and Secretary of St.Petersburg Chapter of the ACM;
    1995 - 1997member of Governing Board of Association of New Screen Technologies;
    1993 - present timemember of Coordination Group on TLD .RU (, as a representative from Relcom, Comstar, Rostelecom or independent advisor;
    1998 - present timerepresentative of Rostelecom in Internet Committee of RANS (;
    1998 - present timeone of the founders of OFISP (Open Forum of ISPs,;
    1999 - present timemember of Russian Internet Academy (;
    1999 - present timemember of Internet Academy (;
    Advisor for RIPN (as volunteer) - Russian Institute for Public Networks, which is responsible for management of .RU ccTLD.
    1984 - present timedifferent Russian conferences
    1994InterOp+Networld 94, Paris
    WWW: The Universal Interface to Information Services.
    1994East-West High Tech Forum, Bratislava, 1994
    panelist, Data Communications and Information Services: The Market is the Content.